He was waiting.

The time would be soon, where was that ungrateful furball he had spent so long training, that mouse-brain whose head he had pumped full of wondrous stories of the past? The white senile tom's head was pounding with a raging headache, and his patience had running thin with every passing moment. Tail tip twitching, he unraveled it from around his paws and rose, beginning to pace with a snarky expression. "It may be dawn, but we have business scheduled." Bongo muttered to himself frequently, so any passerbys wouldn't be fazed by such strange happenings. That old cat wouldn't die, the whole forest could drop and he'd still walk out unscathed. So the young and old had seen him plenty of times.

"He better hurry, he better..."


What may have been hours later, Bongo detected movement on the horizon. With an impatient twitch of his tail, the elder started forward at a quickening pace, head level to his shoulders as he let out a displeased growl. "You're late, I've been waiting for what feels like centuries!" The threatening rumble in his throat erupted into a piercing hiss as he faced the dark figure, who tsk'd at him.

"I can tell, old tom. I think you've somehow managed to get older." The dark-coated one mumbled lowly, circling around Bongo without halting in his tracks. "Now, what do you have planned now?"

"You're lucky you have such a divine purpose. Otherwise I'd skin you alive." The bitter comment from the elderly loner came out with a snarl before he joined the walking form. "Wait a few more days, do not attempt anything yet. We've grown impressively, but Vega knows who could possibly be selected as the second deputy. Maybe even you. We can only hope for the best...after that, we will begin slowly. Do not rush, otherwise our cover and true intentions may be blown."Thieving Ferret 20:38, January 14, 2019 (UTC)

Silvermoon came up to the toms, then froze, her thick feathery tail fluffed up. "Who are you guys?" She meowed.

- TW

"I'm not rushing anything," Murkystorm snapped at the elderly loner in response before swiftly regaining himself with a frustrated sigh. "My followers are impatient, old tom. And all you summomed me for is a warning about being impatient? Aren't you more concerned about keeling over any day now?" The black-and-silver warrior stared at his elder, only to receive an uninterested twitch of whiskers as a response.

At the approach of Silvermoon, Bongo sent the warrior an annoyed glare. "We will discuss this later, grandson." After giving Murkystorm a false title, Bongo disappeared into the undergrowth and Murkystorm split as well, disappearing into ghe shadows to return to DawnClan camp. He would be very displeased with what he would discover there.Thieving Ferret 01:04, March 22, 2019 (UTC)

Silvermoon just sat there, blinking. Then sighed. She was so lonely, as she had no kin.


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